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  • Welcome to the Greater Chicopee Chamber of Commerce!

  • Legislative Corner

    National, Regional, Local

    New rules for “joint employers,” like those who hire temporary workers through a temp agency. How do these new changes affect employers?  Click here to read more


    New Year Triggers HR Deadlines: Here are are few requirements to keep in mind as we begin 2016.


    Senate OKs Restrictions on Social Media Access - from Top Business AIM Stories from AIM

    Employers would be prohibited from forcing workers or applicants to share their social media passwords or access to their accounts under a bill that cleared the Senate on Wednesday. The bill passed with two amendments favored by AIM that would allow companies complying with federal regulations or conducting internal investigations to access social media accounts.


    FMLA Medical Certifications: How and When to Push Back

    by Skoler Abbott       by, John S. Gannon

    Intermittent leave is one of the most challenging tasks for employers to manage.  We probably hear more griping about FMLA use than any other topic (although the Massachusetts Sick Leave law is giving intermittent FMLA a run for its money).  Even the MBTA is blaming its litany of problems on excessive FMLA use.  Read entire article


    AIM will provide testimony today opposing bills that would increase the state minimum wage to $15 per hour and penalize employers for making changes to worker schedules within 14 days of a shift.  Read more!



  • Members In Action

    Are you looking for a fun way to engage staff while helping local animals in shelter?
    By participating in Dress for Animals Day on Friday, February 12, 2016, your business can help us provide life-saving care to dogs, cats and other small animals at Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center.  Need more information? Call 413-306-5161, email info@tjofoundation.org or visit our website at www.tjofoundation.org.