• News Release: 1/17/2019 LOCAL GRANTS AWARDED FOR Chicopee Cultural Council

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    January 11, 2019
    Date: January 11, 2019

    LOCAL GRANTS AWARDED FOR Chicopee Cultural Council

    “Arts and culture have always been vital not only to our community and quality of life but to our local economy. Yes, we like to have concerts to attend and public art to enjoy, but we should never forget that every dollar invested in support of the arts returns several more dollars to our local economy. We should be making these investments in our Cultural Councils because they are direct investments in our communities,” Sen. Eric P. Lesser, Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts & Cultural Development.

    This year Senator Eric Lesser and Chicopee Cultural Council Chair Susan Knightly have announced the award of 51 grants totaling more than $40,000. The Chicopee Cultural Council is a city-appointed commission of volunteers who work to promote excellence and education in public art and cultural programming to build community engagement and infuse vitality into our city’s economy. Every year through Massachusetts Cultural Council funds, they award grants to artists, musicians, craftspeople, instructors, writers, cultural organizations.

    The members of the Chicopee Cultural Council are Chair - Susan Knightly, Vice Chair - Debra Sutherland, Secretary - Karen Hansmann, Treasurer - Lisa Hagar, Publicity

    Coordinator - Mary Partyka, Fund Raising Coordinator - Lauren Shea-Warner, Special Projects Coordinator -Susan McAndrew (ex officio) , IT Coordinator - John Dumont, Schools Coordinator - Sharon Jacobson Deragon (ex-officio), and members of those committees, Steve Curylo, Nancy Dulchinos, Craig Harris, Barb Kulig, Wayne Paradysz, Jeannette Rivera, Mike Sutherland.

    Look for Chicopee’s extraordinary 2019 cultural activities; a garden Mural downtown, artful utility boxes, an interactive family comedy improv night, an original performance by first-generation students, Shakespeare for children, We Did It For You; a musical play about women’s accomplishments throughout history, Art therapy classes, television productions on the Arts and Culture in Chicopee, a film festival, children’s story and first filmmaking workshops, a new community festival, watercolor and calligraphy classes, dance classes, history lectures, trips to art and science museums for students as well as trips to the Springfield Symphony, creative writing workshops for survivors and a series for incarcerated woman, drumming classes for middle school students, jazz improv classes for high school students, classical, jazz and rock concerts, and lots more music! And most of the events are free to the public!

    Please join the Chicopee Cultural Council for our second Lights On Arts and Culture and Doors Open, February 22nd and 23rd in partnership with the Greater Chicopee Chamber of Commerce, the City of Chicopee and Mass Development. Downtown businesses will be open 5-7pm Friday Night, hosting artists and musicians. Doors will also be open also to the Silverbrick buildings as they begin construction on the Cabotville Mills and the Mount Holyoke Development on the Lyman Mills buildings. Social Services and information will be available Saturday, 10-12pm.

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    Susan Knightly, chairperson, Chicopee Cultural Council
    (347) 558-5244